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Nowadays there are several different types of wallpaper available for you to choose from when decorating your home. Before wallpapering your home it is a good idea to understand which types of wallpaper are available, so that you choose the correct wallpaper for the finish you want.
When deciding on which wallpaper to use, you should also think of where you are decorating. Some wallpapers are more durable than others. For example, the wallpaper you might choose for the living room may not work for covering bathroom or kitchen walls. Some good questions to ask include:
Paper Wallpaper
Paper Wallpaper consist of a decorative paper layer. Mosts paper wallpapers do not have any protective layer laminating them, so they will be not be resistant to humid conditions. Be sure to check the manufacturers instructions before buying to make sure that it is suitable for your requirements.
Vinyl Coated Wallpaper
Vinyl coated wallpaper is paper treated with acrylic vinyl. This helps make this type of wallpaper easy to clean and resistant to humidity and grease. Because of this reason, vinyl coated wallpaper is recommended when wallpapering kitchens or bathrooms.

Coated Fabric Wallpaper
Coated Fabric wallpaper uses a layer of fabric in between paper and liquid vinyl. This helps to create many different depths and styles. However, although coated with vinyl this wallpaper does not cope well with humid conditions. Therefore if you are considering coated fabric wallpaper, it is best to use this for low humidity areas like the living room, dining room, or bedrooms.
Paper Backed Vinyl / Solid Sheet Vinyl Wallpaper
This type of wallpaper is a layer of paper that has a decorative vinyl surface pattern. Due to the vinyl, this type of wallpaper is also resistant to humidity and grease, and works well in any climate. It is easy to clean, and will strip quickly when you wish to remove it.
Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallpaper
Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallpaper consists of a layer of fabric, coated by a solid vinyl layer. As the vinyl is solid and not liquid, this is a very durable wallpaper that can be used in any climate or humidity. Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper is also easy to clean, and will last many years before appearing worn.

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